Essay about My Service At The Way Station

Essay about My Service At The Way Station

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I decided to do my service ours at the Way Station in downtown Frederick. The Way Station is a not-for-profit organization providing behavioral health care, housing and employment services to adults with mental illness and developmental disabilities. They also work with children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral challenges. The Way station is run by mostly psychology graduates providing evidence based programs and activities to help these unfournate people through everyday activities. This was the first time I have ever been to the way station and I thought it was pretty neat. When you walk in it’s kind of like the inside of a small community center. They have a section in the front for the building for the children and adults to hang out and socialize while everyone is arriving in the morning which is where I got the chance to socialize the most with the individuals. Then they have the cafeteria section which is where we served a late breakfast snack to the arrivals and lunch every day at 11:30. The last part of the building that I got to socialize with the people of the community was a little back yard quad area which was placed in the back of the building. Most of the work I did to help the company was in the kitchen. I helped cook and serve food as well as help clean up afterwards. At the Way Station the people of the community help out with everyday duties that I helped out with which allowed be a lot of time to communicate with the different types of people to get a sense of how their disabilities affect their daily lives.
In the past few weeks we have discussed the different types of learning. During my time at the way station I got to experience a few different ways that the staff at the way station use to h...

... middle of paper ... comfortable very quickly. I think the one thing I noticed the most with their disabilities was the way they had trouble respecting boundaries which is a part of learning. I noticed often that when they walk around or go mingle with other people they have trouble realizing if they are interrupting or not. This I why I wish I could find away to help with the way station produce an effective learning process to help their members learn these types of boundaries. In my opinion this is one issue that makes people uncomfortable around people with mental disabilities because people aren’t use to people having trouble with boundary issue. If we could help them understand boundaries and other people to understand why they struggle with this issue then people might be able to become more comfortable around people with disabilities instead of like the way I was for so long.

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