My Senior Year I Call Home It Is About Thirty Minutes East Of Columbus Essay

My Senior Year I Call Home It Is About Thirty Minutes East Of Columbus Essay

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A town called Newark, Ohio is where I call home it is about forty minutes east of Columbus. I have lived in the same area of Ohio for my whole life. Heath is a smaller town right next to newark, not many people know where it is. I attended Garfield elementary, Stevenson elementary, Heath Middle School, and Heath High School until I made the switch to Newark High School for my Sophomore year. My Junior and Senior year I went to C-TEC which is a career center, but I graduated from Heath High School. I took honors classes in high school, but when I went to C-TEC they do not offer AP classes because they have you focus on getting you ready for your career. I went to C-TEC for clinical care which is their program for nursing. While at C-TEC my junior year I was became certified in CPR, first aid, and I also recieved my STNA. My senior year I tested and received my certificate as a phlebotomy technician, EKG technician, and point of care technician, while also getting renewed in CPR and First Aid. I also took college classes my junior and senior year these classes were composition one and two, american literature one and two, psychology, and sociology. I only can think of one bad school experience and it was when I was getting registered for my sociology college class. and they deregistered me because they said I needed to pay the fee, but it was free because I was still in high school. This led me to almost not being able to take the class and I was behind a week, but I still made it through the class. A positive experience was passing all of my certifications especially EKG which I found extremely hard.
I am the first one to go to college out of my six siblings and my parents. I am often considered a nerd because grades have always b...

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...ns and fears about going into the field I am choosing is about not being good at my job. I want to make sure I understand everything and be the best I can at my job so that I can make sure the people I care for have the best care possible. One of my biggest fear is that I will not succeed, there is always that doubt in the back of my mind. I just have to push through it and tell myself that I can and will succeed and I know I will have help if I ever need it. At the moment all the questions I have had have been answered by the wonderful staff at Otterbein University. I know if I come up with any questions I can ask any of my professors or fellow students. That is just how I have come to see Otterbein that everyone here is there to help each other in any way that they can. I can not wait to spend the next four years here and learn and grow as a person.

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