My Senior Trip At South Pointe High School

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Every senior looks forward to an amazing, and unforgettable senior trip. This trip represents the celebration of so many struggles, and hard work over the four years of high school. For others it might be the great joy of going out of state for the first time, and this time with no parents coming along. For me it turned out to be a surprise because I had no idea I was going to graduate early, for which I was able to assist. Yet for me, my senior trip turned out to be and adventure due to the many struggles I had to go through and the surprises it led to. “Okay now, so is everyone here and ready to go?” asked Koko; the clubs organizer at south Pointe high school, he is and African American male with long black hair and amazing character which cheers us all up when we are down. Everyone was so excited yet very sleepy because of how early we had to be up to get to the bus on time, just to clarify it was 3:00 am and I’m pretty sure the excitement from the trip kept us all up the few hours we had to sleep. Everything seemed to be great until somebody called out that a student was missing; we had to wait an hour until that student finally answered to clarify that he wasn’t going to go anymore because he had gotten sick. We then took off and we were finally on our way to Valencia, California. Around 5 hours of driving went by when we finally made a stop at a McDonalds to get some breakfast and have a restroom break. When we went back to the bus we were all ready to go and continue with our trip, but we least expected had to happen. When the driver tried to start the bus it wouldn’t start plus the ace broke down, we were all told to get off the bus once again and wait until we had someone to come help start the ... ... middle of paper ... ...ide. My best friend and I volunteered to go and search, we walked all the way back to the entrance which was quite far from where the bus was. Two hours passed by and we didn’t have any clue where they were, we were all starving because it was so late and also because it was too expensive to buy food in six flags. Our vice principle then decided to just drive the charter bus to the entrance and see if anyone could see them or if not to call the police, but when we got there it turned out that they had been waiting there for us to come for them. We were all so mad but relieved that they were back in the bus because that meant that we could go to the hotel and go eat. It was seven thirty by that time and unfortunately the driver decide to take a creepy road which took forever to get to the hotel. We arrived around eight-thirty to hotel. Finally at the hotel the drive

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