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My selection from the book club was “Why are so many minority students in Special Education. Being a minority, I thought that I could closely relate to this book even though I was never in or have taught special education. I pictured all the circumstances and scenarios in inner city public schools on how such a thing could happen, but because race is so deeply rooted in the framework of America; if it were not an issue, we would not still be talking about it some 100 years later.
1. Different perspectives/Enlighten
The most shocking yet enlighten moment was to learn of the process of how minority students were shuffled off to special education for the benefit of the school being able to score higher score. According the Harry & Klinger (2006) many of the lowest-achieving students are of ethnic minority status which places these groups at increased risk of inappropriate special education placement.
I was not familiar how much politics were involved in the schools and how the students are used as pawns. Thinking back twenty years ago, what chance did a minority student have coming from a low income area that could possibly have a disability? It just seems like the institutions where the mainstream of children are educated, did not have them in mind. To compound this issue of overrepresentation or underrepresentation can be attributed to the reaction against the historical arguments of genetically based racial inferiority and the perception that special education programs may not be beneficial (Harry & Klinger, 2006). This labeling process on either side of the spectrum is evidence of continuing racism and shows a pattern of stereotypes and bias.

2. Brutal honesty and frustration
One account that particularly stood out is when the p...

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...y students in the proper way. The parents should read this book to understand they have to advocate for the child and to work with their schools for the sake of the child and their community as a whole. Maybe if both sides were better educated, they could meet in the middle and build positive relationships.
8. A good book for class
This book would also be good reading for a class; as teachers will be moving out into diverse communities shortly, it is best to be equipped with as much knowledge as possible about the processes and placements with special education in regards to minorities. No one said this would be an easy profession and hopefully the desire to enter into this field is to help. It is imperative to enter the profession with an open mind. Set the bias, stereotypes, and get to know the students for who they are, by their character and not their complexion.

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