My Second Oldest Of Eight Children Essay

My Second Oldest Of Eight Children Essay

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Being the second oldest of eight children, there was never a dull moment in our house. Personality differences were common but the love we had for each other was obvious. With this being said, I am the only child out of those eight that has not only graduated high school but I am now working towards my Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education. We were a poor family and education was not on the top of the list of priorities. The first four of us were like stair-steps and seven years later came another set of stair-step children. My closest sister, Evie, was deaf and my mother sent us both to a school for the hearing impaired to ensure someone could communicate with her. I have fond memories of this school and the time Evie and I were able to share with each other. Unfortunately, Evie passed away before the age of 7 and with the loss of my sister, I also lost sign language. Although, I never lost the desire to help others and loved being around kids. Along with Evie, my granddaughter Tiana, has also had situations in her life that no child should endure. Her parents enjoyed the “street-life” more than the blessing of a child and abandoned her. Consequently, I am now her legal guardian and she resides with me. Evie and Tiana are my reason for becoming a teacher!
It would seem that diversity, such as that experienced by Evie and Tiana would not be an issue here in the twenty-first century. Unfortunately, it seems to be one of the biggest hurdles for people to overcome. Children are not only being judged by their peers but also by adults. Yet despite this, I believe a difference can be made in the lives of the children from adults who ensure their needs are met first and foremost. It is our job as teachers to educate th...

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...s enjoyment, to see math as a necessary tool in day-to-day living, to have science open up in the world around them and make different choices than what is in the history books.
It is my belief, as a teacher, that I am teaching children about life through books, articles, computers, movies, experiences, heartaches and let-downs. It is necessary to use everything around us as a learning tool to encourage thinkers, to empower doers, and to enable their growth to reach for the unreachable. There are no boundaries if we don’t set limits on how, when, where and who we teach. In spite of our disabilities, we all have the ability to learn and grow every day. Every soul is able learn even the slightest of tasks that usually goes unnoticed. If you were to ask yourself, “what did I learn today,” I would have a hard time believing someone if their answer was “nothing.”

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