Essay on My School Career As A Student

Essay on My School Career As A Student

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It was a challenge throughout my school career as a student. I was the type of student that needed extra help and time for classwork, exams, and homework. In school I was a hard worker and made sure that all my assignments were turned in on time. My style of learning at the time was an auditory learner at first. But, in high school and afterwards I became a visual learner on certain things. The type of mindset I have is a fixed mindset because once I understand the material or a certain task, I got it and can do it without any issues. I worked harder at assignments than other students in my class while in school. After graduating high school I worked for four years before attending Community college of Aurora. The main reason why I didn’t go to college after graduating high school is because I thought I was going to enlist into the Air Force.
Throughout the years in school especially in elementary school, I would need extra time to do exams or quizzes along with classwork and homework. In middle school, I did all my work by myself. However, I would go up to one of my teachers and ...

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