Essay on My Roots From A Country Of Primal Eras

Essay on My Roots From A Country Of Primal Eras

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History is our root we have to know where we are from to know where we are going. My roots originate from a country of primal eras with approximately 3 million people, in a small town of old villas, narrow streets paved with cobblestone, and the surrounding bare mountains. It can be said I lived at the heart of Europe, but life there was quite different. At 11 years old, when communist rule ended, the quality of life in the country was poor. It was filled with government corruption, powerful organized crime, outdated infrastructure; poor education, economy, and health care; and lack of energy, food, and water.
On a one hot and sweaty afternoon, my father had finished his daily shift of delivering medications to our town. We had decided to wash the delivery van, as my grandmother and the rest of the family were preparing a meal inside the house. Unexpectedly, the mailman arrived carrying a handbag filled with mail. He quickly walked inside and blurted out to my grandmother who stood in front of him “I have great news”. He opened his handbag and out he took a large envelope with the words Embassy of United States printed on it. He handed it to my grandmother as we eagerly gathered around her. She opened the envelope and began to read to herself. Tears began to run down her cheeks as she found the strength and was able to adapt, overcome at the news, and quickly had made her decision in her mind. Her words came out with confidence “You have won the lottery” she said it to my parents. The message sunk into my chest: We were going to immigrate to America, and this was our ticket to another life. My father reluctant and in disbelief of the news was speechless. After a moment he spoke and said to his mother “We don’t want to leave and ...

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...ontribute to their health. I could visualize walking into the room greeting the patient and reluctantly listening to them to be their PA to care for them. Just like when I shadowed multiple PAs that of endocrinology, primary care, orthopedic, and pain management I could
To this day I am at the clinic 5 days a week and an additional day as a pharmacy technician.
I now look back and have flashlight memory and say to myself as once my dad said if there was a gold coin on the floor and I don’t pick it up someone else coming behind me will. So I say my time is now I am ready to pick up the coin. I recognize that others rely on me to be there when they need me. I am compassionate, caring, and able to slow down to help others. To all my family, friends, peers it is the only decision that has been constant and genuinely interested in becomes a PA. I can make a difference.

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