My Roommate 's Experience With Health Care Essays

My Roommate 's Experience With Health Care Essays

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During my interview, I talked with my roommate about her experience with health care. She from a small town that consists of 1,500 people and that is a predominantly white community.
My roommate suffers from depression in which she gets prescribed medication from her doctor. During the interview we discussed her experience with the health care relating to her mental illness and also how she felt about our health care system in the United States.
When discussing who she saw when it came to getting medical attention she mentioned that she saw two doctors, a general practitioner which was in their town and her gynecologist. She saw her general practitioner to get her depression pills prescribed to and also went to him if it was a minor emergency since he was in town and easily accessible. The general practitioner is the only doctor that they have in town so he usually overseas most of the residence that live there. I asked her if she felt comfortable with this practitioner in general, and she said yes.
My roommate suffers from depression due to a past relationship she had with a guy in her town. When they were in the relationship he was very aggressive with her and forced her to do a lot of things, that teenagers should not be doing. It got to the point that she started to feel unsafe with him and eventually broke up with him and also notified her mom about the situation. She told me that she was more scared to seek her mom for help and seek her doctor for help, which is a bit different from most people since people usually feel more comfortable telling their family than their personal doctor. When seeking her mom for help she suggested the depression pills, however they went to get consultation from their general practitioner ...

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...We will be spending less on health care since we will have set prices set that are universal which will also bring up life expectancy and lower chronic diseases. These will be lowered since people will go to the doctor more often without having to be concerned on if they could afford the visit, treatment or medicines prescribed to them.
Overall, this interviewing experience has really opened my eyes on how people have to sacrifice so much just to be able to afford these medical bills. I personally have not experienced a hospital visit or an emergency that has cost my family a fortune, like my roommate has. However, I now know that many have suffered from this and feel the same way, our health care system needs to improve. Not only should health care be taken more seriously in the United States but it should also be considered a human right, not a human privilege.

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