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My role model is Andy Biersack {Age 22}, lead singer of Black Veil Brides. The meaning behind the names is based on a religious term, Catholics use. The term is when a nun marries into a church, she wears a black veil, and Andy liked the fact that giving everything you have, up for something you love. So the name Black Veil Brides is mainly about him giving everything up for what he loved to do no matter how hard it was.
Early life:
Andrew Dennis Biersack or {Andy Biersack} was born to Chris and Amy Biersack on December 26, 1990, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was naturally born with Blonde hair and blue eyes but later dyed his hair black in Middle School.
Andy was raised in a Catholic home, and that was his religion. He went to a Catholic Elementary school as a child. His parents new when he got older that is style was different.
He was severely bullied in School for the way he looked and the music he was into. He had been called things such as “Faggot” and “Emo”. This life experience is re-enacted in the song and video “Knives and Pens.” The song was about how when you are depressed or going through bullying, you can either choose to harm yourself { knives} or you can choose to pick up a pen and draw, write stories or emotions, write music, or etc.. To escape all the pain and hate. Andy’s songs have helped millions of people with the messages portrayed through his songs.

Like I said before, he was raised as a Catholic, but he is now an atheist. In an interview he quoted
"I’m not a religious person but I grew up in a religious family. I went to the funeral for my grandfather, a person that I love very much, and everyone is speaking about how he went to Heaven and how he’s in Heaven. I always fight with that, b...

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...n going. He missed more dates due to that injury, but he stayed strong, pulled through the show and got better.
I chose Andy Biersack as my role model, because he gave and puts everything he has/ had for his music, he doesn’t cuss in any of his songs, and he is not afraid to be himself. A rumor spread that Andy cried over a fan that held up a sign saying “We want Andy Sixx back.” They had only liked him for the makeup and outfits they wore back then, not who he is now. I think that if you only like a band or artist for how they look and not the music or person, then you never liked them, in the first place. I could go on all day about that but I choose to leave it at where it’s at because I don’t want to go on forever. Andy is my role model, and I will always love and admire him not for the image, but for whom he is, his music, lyrics, and the band itself.

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