My Role As A Social Perspective Essay

My Role As A Social Perspective Essay

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In order for me to examine my playing flied from a social perspective, I need to introduce the three main characteristics that has affected my life. I was born and raised in Iran, where woman are treated less than men. To add salt to the injury, I was also raised in a family with religious background and believes that are not accepted in Iran. Thus, growing up in an open-minded family, I learned from a young age that only the uneducated families believe in gender inequality.
I age I was thought to think and act like a lady. However, this can be a little hard when you have five older brothers. So this is my life story. I grew up in Iran; an Islamic government that has no problem letting its citizens know the difference between a man and a woman. I grow up wearing dresses, skirts and other girly clothes; my family treated me like their little doll. I was the little girl who had long hair to show off her femininity. The little girl whose brother would color her nails with red nail polish, put her hair in a ponytail with a cute little bow. I was thought to always be happy, because girls should always be smiling. I was observed as the griliest girl you could possibly know. I still carry on those traits today. I like to paint my nails and play around with fashion and makeup, but that is only because I am a girl and I get encouraged to be feminine. The truth is that is how the society sees me as. Often people get shocked when I tell them I love camping, road trip, hiking, and sports. They look at me from my head to toe with a smirk on their face, they say” really? You love camping? You’re the griliest girl I know!” That is the thing though, they DON’T know me at all!!! They are often judging me by how I carry myself. They only start to ...

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...ore, they are non-person parents; they are physically there, yet, emotionally they don’t know how to communicate. This has affected me as a person, I often don’t know how to clearly communicate my emotions to people. However; it is not only my parents fault for being a non-person parents, but also my fault for wanting to figure out life by myself.
This course and analyzing my life has thought me that it is not important to please others. Sometimes wanting to please others can get you in trouble. For example, if I were to listen to my parents and became a doctor, lawyer or engineer against my will, I would be miserable; this could later on cause behavioral problems toward my future. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your surrounding and know the both sides of the story; having this knowledge can help you understand how to react in your own playing field.

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