My Role As A Family Support Worker Essay

My Role As A Family Support Worker Essay

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As an Early Years practitioner, it is vital to engage in reflective practice to enable me to improve and develop the way in which I work with children, colleagues and parents. In my role as a Family Support Worker, I encountered a situation that has helped me reflect, using Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle (1988). During conversation with a Polish mother of a two year old boy (child A) I noticed that the mother is talking to her son in English. When asked why she does not communicate in her mother tongue, she explained that her husband is English and that is how they speak at home. After that she expressed her concerns about her son becoming bilingual as she believes that second language can affect the acquisition of English, leaving her son behind his peers. After a while she approached me again asking about appropriate language strategy for their family to support both Polish and English language. At that time as a professional, I did not feel equipped enough to answer mother’s questions. Reflecting upon my own practice using Gibbs’ (1988) theory, I will carry out a literature review that will enhance my knowledge and understanding of bilingualism. What is more, the research undertaken will improve my working practice with children and their families. In this review I will examine how bilingualism is defined by researchers and I aim to gather the data form dependable sources to present their views in this field. I also intend to investigate the importance of mother tongue maintenance and finally I will move onto discussing language strategies as well as home and community factors that will determine whether the child will become bilingual or not.

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...‘the environment may make certain types of speech situation more prevalent than the others’. He also claims that adopting the foreign language and forgetting their native tongue could be the reason for that, as many children disregard their mother tongue as it becomes inadequate as their language is not commonly used and they choose to communicate in a language, which is spoken by everyone. To avoid that, parents should reduce the degree of language loss, offering sufficient opportunities for children to increase their capabilities for using minority language (Weinreich 1964 ). Children should be provided with opportunities where they can use home language such as visits to country of origin, cultural events or celebrations with families from the same community, attend Saturday school or playgroup or simply sharing books and songs in the home language with adults.

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