Essay on My Role And Responsibility For Young Adolescent Development

Essay on My Role And Responsibility For Young Adolescent Development

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As a future middle school teacher, my role and responsibility for young adolescent development is to help guide students in a compassionate, supportive, safe environment that supports growth and learning. I can relate my own vision to Dr. William Alexander’s vision in which he states intellectual growth means much more than increasing competence in content, rather it’s important to instill a love for learning in the child, a curious mind and a passion for truth and beauty. Classroom Management refers to all the things a teacher does to organize students, space, time and materials so instruction and learning take place.

Students, in my opinion, do not need to be controlled and disciplined, but effectively managed. As a teacher, I will tell them what it expected, model it and practice it. Young adolescents are experiencing a lot of changes and therefore can be naturally disruptive so it is important to provide consequences for both positive and negative behavior. Students are not subordinates, I will give them techniques for changing their misbehaviors and teaching them self discipline. My classroom management plan will align closely with Linda Albert’s cooperative discipline model; “students choose their behavior, and we have power to influence—not control—their choices…Cooperative discipline assumes that students will misbehave again unless teachers use encouragement techniques that build self-esteem and strengthen the student’s motivation to cooperate and learn.” (Classroom management: Models, applications, and cases. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill) Therefore, this makes me a democratic teacher, a teacher that encourages students to help make the rules and consequences of the classroom as well as help the students to feel saf...

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... and their instructional model of addressing undesirable behaviors: use a nonverbal queue, ask the student to obey the rule, give the student choice to obey the rule or develop a plan and move the student to another part of the room, send the student to another location to complete the plan.

Classroom Management refers to all the things a teacher does to organize students, space, time and materials so instruction and learning take place. My professional plans thus far are to provide a supportive classroom for safe risk-taking, organize meaningful content, know all different learner behaviors, listen to students, interpret my class data, small-group instruction, formulate good questions and have high expectations of every single one of my students. I know that I plan to incorporate methods for all visual, kinesthetic, auditory learners and all of those in-between.

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