Essay about My Review on Two Fashion Websites

Essay about My Review on Two Fashion Websites

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I am an education major but I wanted to step out my major and do my review on fashion websites. The two websites I choose were and I choose the two websites because they have popular magazines. has Allure Magazine and has Teen Vogue Magazine. Although I am not a big fashion person, I wanted to step outside the box a little. This was my first time going on these two websites.
Allure is a website that is popular among many teens and adults from all around the world. It covers a broad variety of topics from hair and makeup to the hottest celebrity gossip. It is a great website for learning about the new advances in skin and hair care that are making their way into consumer products. Also, you can learn new makeup application tips and techniques. It has plenty of the Hollywood stuff, but who does not like to read about other people’s lives? It has interesting articles on fashion and helps you achieve all the latest trends. Even someone with the most boring sense of style can quickly turn heads. I think that the audience for this website is for hair and makeup junkies or fabulous teeny boppers looking to find themselves an identity.
Allure is for savvy women who wants to be in the know. It keeps the readers informed of all the absolute latest in fashion styles and how to wear them. It shows the trendiest of clothes as well as the classics. What bag is hot? Are these shoes right for you? How should I wear last year's sweater with this year's dress? Where do I get these great finds? You can find out all this on the Allure website. Allure website also reviews products from its readers and has articles and how to dos to help readers make the decisions that are just right f...

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...e wearing. A lot of the clothes adverted on the website is overpriced and often do not have enough thread on them to cover the young girl’s backs. Skimpy clothes seem to be the style but should not even be thought of in our young children’s mind. If you are not an aspiring fashion designer generally this magazine is not for you.
In conclusion, both of these websites are good for certain groups of people. It depends on which category you fall under. One website might be good for the older, mature generation while the other focuses on members of the younger generation who are still trying to find themselves and their fashion sense. There is something for everyone in each of them. They are good reads and you can always find out good information in them. Allure is more for the everyday girl, while on the other end, Teen Vogue is more for the future fashion designers.

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