Essay on My Response to Jeremy Rifkin's "A Change of Heart about Animals"

Essay on My Response to Jeremy Rifkin's "A Change of Heart about Animals"

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Jeremy Rifkin in the article " A Change of Heart about Animals" argues on the fact that as incredible as it sounds, many of our fellow creatures as like us in so many ways. For example, in a movie named Paulie a young girl that suffers autism gets attached to a parrot. The girl struggles to talk but she just can't. Time passes by and then the girl starts talking because the parrot helped her. An incident happened so the little girl's parents decide to let the parrot go. The parrot ends up in an animal testing lab but somehow he managed to escape. The parrot begins to miss his owner because he formed a bond with a human being. Obviously, this proves Rifkin is right when he states that animals experience feelings like human beings.
According to Marna Owen, from "Animal Rights; Yes or No? claims that each year 80,000 animals are used and often killed for the sake of medical research. He describes experiments in which puppies are burned, cats eyelids are sewn shut, and baboon's heads are crushed. A fiery debate arised and according to the book 6 people chained themselves to the psychol...

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