My Response to an Inspiring Blog About Whistle Blowing Essay

My Response to an Inspiring Blog About Whistle Blowing Essay

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Thank you for your inspiring blog.
In your blog post you raised the issue of whether whistleblowing is believed to be morally right or wrong.
Davies states that Whistleblowing always comprises a definite or at least acknowledged an objective to prevent something bad that would otherwise occurs.
What Vokes has done is ethically correct. He followed the proper channels, which is to approach his company’s managers and seniors. This is because he was not pleased with the overall care from the company.
You have rightly pointed out the position of Vokes and his tactic before going public as a whistleblower. The actions and the approach have a place in Davies “Theory of Complicity”. This is demonstrated by the circumstance that Vokes morally required to reveal what he knew to the public by his disclosures were in line with his area of expertise. He was working voluntary as a welder and an engineer. He believed that the company engaged in a serious moral wrongdoing which he theoretical thought that if he doesn’t reveal this it might do a great harm to the company in the foreseeable futu...

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