My Research Report On Dentistry Essay

My Research Report On Dentistry Essay

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I decided to do my research report on dentistry because it is a perfect blend of science and art. It is a science in that you must fully comprehend on the different types of diagnostic and procedures you are doing. It is an art in that you are constantly working with your hands to create a beautiful smile. The impact you make on helping a person achieve an impeccable smile is not one to compare with materialistic things like money or cars. People often mistake dentist as only doing practices when in fact they could do more, like research. I was fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to interview Dr. Sarah Pham, DDS, a close family friend who practices dentistry in her own private office in Los Angeles, California. Dr. Pham was able to provide me insight in regards to dentistry and what it requires through her experiences.
Dr. Pham was kind enough to inform me with what goes on in her typical day-to-day basis. She works in her own private practice, meaning she is in charge of her own business and does not share the office with any other dentist besides the dental hygienist’s and front desk people she has personally hired. Every morning, the staff has a meeting on the different types of patients coming in for a multitude of reasons, ranging from check ups to filling in cavities. Every hour of the workday is dedicated to one patient at a time. Dr. Pham does her practice this way so she can get to know her patients on a deeper level. There are some days where the office seems to be slow, but other times it could be bustling with patients coming in and out nonstop. Dr. Pham appoints certain staff to handle inventory, scheduling, and cleaning. Some possible upsides for being a dentist with a private practice are flexibili...

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...igh cost of attending UCSF School of Dentistry.
Dentistry is impacting people in society today. It can often be seen a sustainable job that is in constant demand since it cannot be outsourced to other countries. It is not a field where the main objective is to financial benefits you, but to be able to make an impact in people’s lives. The journey to become a dentist is long and vigorous, but after interviewing and researching more on the topic, I can’t wait to continue on the path I am taking. It will take a lot of perseverance to get through all the years of schooling, but nothing is impossible. I want to make an impact in the dentistry field that will affect those around me in a positive direction. Thusly, I want to have the joy of changing a person’s life by creating a gorgeous, healthy smile that is an intangible award of being a dentist that cannot be measured.

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