Essay My Relationship With My Mother

Essay My Relationship With My Mother

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My relationship with my mother, Louella Aguilar, or mom as I affectionately call her, began on January 14th, the day I was born. Our relationship is ongoing as I currently live at home with her and my father. My long term memory which is the part of your mind responsible for permanent information storage allows me to know that for as long as I can remember my mother has called me muchacha which is girl in english. On page 193 of our book Mccornack mention personal idioms known as words or phrases that have a unique meaning to a particular relationship. The nickname that my mother has given me is an example of a personal idiom because the two of us have a high level of understanding about the meaning and sentimental value of the nickname. This can also be connected to naming which is defined on page 199 of our book as creating linguistic symbols that we use to represent people. From the time that I was a young child and throughout my growing years my mother and I have always had a high level of intimacy, a feeling of “union” or otherwise known as emotional bonding (p 243.).
On page 45 and 46 of our book the author talks about the attachment theory that is the basic idea that all of our relationships and ability to make new relationships is dependent on the relationship we had with our primary caregiver as an infant. When evaluating my attachment style I can see that I have a very secure attachment style. This is defined as an attachment style in which individuals are low on both anxiety and avoidance; they are comfortable with intimacy and seek close ties with other (pg.46). I believe this comes from the fact that as a child my needs were always met and I never felt as if I was not worthy of being cared for. As I continued to grow...

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... started to think about whether or not I wanted to do this for three more years and the more I thought the more I realized I wanted to be home. I soon made the decision that I was gonna finish the school year out and then move back home and transfer to a school closer to home. I ended up looking into Metropolitan State University of Denver and decided to go to school there. My mother joked with me about it quite a bit because I had shot down that idea before, but she was glad that I was back home and she told me that she just wants me to be happy wherever I may be at.
I have since moved back to my parents house and am currently a student at Metropolitan State University of Denver and I am very happy to be home. My mother and I are still very close and our relationship is ongoing. We are still very close and we will both continue to work to improve our on relationship.

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