Essay on My Relationship Between My Friend And The Heartbreak

Essay on My Relationship Between My Friend And The Heartbreak

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I cannot believe that it has been a month since my boyfriend decided to end our relationship. Sometimes I feel as though it is all a bad dream. Then I realized that I lost my best friend and the heartbreak sets in time after time again. Our relationship, from my point of view, was filled with nothing but endless laughter and most importantly love. I honestly felt like I was living in a fairy tale. Every single day, I was thanking God for this blessing he put into my life. Unfortunately, every good thing must come to an end. The end of our love was closer than I thought.
I remember the first time I saw my now ex-boyfriend; it was almost like a motion picture. I started to sweat and my heart immediately started to beat at its own pace. At that moment, I knew I had to find out who he was. Many months later we became the best of friends. For a relationship to be stable and healthy the couple must have an abundance of respect for each other that usually starts out as a friendship. During the courting process of our relationship, I was really trying to find out who he was on the inside. He has a way of blocking everyone out when life gets too much for him. This can be seen as a gift and a curse, but more so a curse because it caused the demise of our relationship.
After months of trying to get him to trust me, we finally started our romantic relationship. What a summer under the stars it was. I felt invincible. That is how I looked at our love, invincible and unbreakable. Dating in this generation is almost pointless. No one ever wants to admit that they are wrong. In 2016, dating is almost like proving to someone that you are worth a date, text, call, etc. At the time, I felt like I was blessed with the perfect r...

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...ave I experienced this first hand but now I am a product of it. Watching my strong mother pick herself up and take care of me as a single parent gives me the strength that I need to pull through. Even though this pain of a failed relationship gives me pause, I know my value and what I bring to the table. I do not fault him for not being able to see that in me. From this day forward, I will no longer live with anger anymore because it does not have a hold on me and neither does he. I am stronger than my weakest moment and I am better than my worst situation. Respectfully, I thank him for the beautiful times we have shared and I no longer hold any anger against him. Just like my dad made the right decision for himself, so did my ex. Now it is time to make the right decision for myself and close the chapter on this relationship, since he was not man enough to so.

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