My Reflection On The First Course Goal By Daniel Bethel Essay

My Reflection On The First Course Goal By Daniel Bethel Essay

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Throughout the duration of this English 5 class, which was taught by Daniel Bethel, I was able to successfully accomplish all six course goals which were developed in order to help myself become a better writer, reader, and critical thinker. I was able to accomplish all six goals with assistance from both my teacher and my classmates. Whether it was essays, peer editing, or reading reflections, everything I did in this class helped me in some way, shape, or form to successfully complete these goals.
The first course goal states, “Understand the ways that readers read and writers write in and beyond the university.” This statements to me, means to be able to develop an understanding for the different ways, patterns, and structures in which different writers compose writings. This also means to be able to understand how writers write and readers read both inside and outside of a classroom setting. I have accomplished this goal through my first essay in which I spoke about my discourse community which was my leadership class. Through this essay, during the workshops in particular, I was able to clearly understand how each of our discourse communities and experiences has shaped our writing both in and outside school. I have come to the conclusion that writers write by influence because we are not all self taught. The second half of this goal is how readers read. I was able to develop a clearer understanding of this through peer editing. Everyone, including myself, has a different process in with they read and write therefore they comprehend sentence structure differently. This essay helped me realize that a writer feels more connected to a piece of writing depending on its content. A reader will care more ...

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...Before this class I never knew the meaning of a discourse community or even their predominance in our lives. As I have written in my notes, I was able to become aware of the fact that, “ Discourse Communities create who we are.”
All six of these course goals have helped me become a more successful writer in many ways. They have all opened my eyes to different aspects of the english language and different writing techniques. Throughout the period of this class I have successfully completed all of these goals. I feel like I most coherently displayed my understanding for these course goals throughout my Rhetorical Analysis Essay and my Annotated Bibliography. I decided to choose “Let’s Live” and my annotated bibliography to be in my portfolio because they are both very near and dear to my heart and I truly feel like I connected to the words which I was writing.

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