Essay on My Reflection On My Writing

Essay on My Reflection On My Writing

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Starting off the semester I was terrified to write papers, I had no idea what to expect and lacked confidence in my writing. My writing was often very repetitive and unclear in what I was trying to assert throughout my essays. Although I am still repetitive in my writing, I believe I did improve within this semester. I have learned how to explain my thoughts, transition throughout my paragraphs, and structure my essays to make them most effective. This not only helped strengthen my writing, but it has also helped me incorporate all my thoughts in my essays. I believe the way I am able to explain my points has strengthened because of our discussions and new perspectives from everyone in the class. Our discussions allowed up to practice analyzing text and later embody all the new points in my writing. This core class has not only strengthened my writing, it taught me how to actively read, and to consider a greater message by further analyze it within my essay.
During the first semester, what helped me become confident with my writing were the steps our class took before turning in the final copy. The pre-writing of our drafts allowed us to gather our thoughts, incorporate all information, and prepare the best copy of our writing. This was a great idea because not only were we able to peer edit and obtain critic on our paper, but each of us were able to read a different style of writing and chose whether or not to add those ideas into our papers. This activity was most effective when writing our research papers because we gained critic on our outlines, intros, and drafts. Because of the critic given, I was able to focus on specific parts that I would need to strengthen my paper. This was a useful resource for me and my paper because...

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...e definition of beauty for females. I was able to write and present my thoughts because of the class discussion and the perspective that I had. Therefore, I was able to present an idea, support it by evidence, and further explain how this evidence supports my thesis.
In other words, this class has been very useful in enhancing my writing skills by the activities and discussions presented in the class. I thank all my peers and my professor for being a useful resource in my writing. Without the guidance, I would not have made and progress within my writing. However, I have seen an improvement in the way I write, and although I still have to work on my repetition and sentence structure, I have made a change. Therefore, I do not have any regrets on taking this course because I was able to work on my writing skills which will become essential in my years at Loyola.

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