My Reflection On My Educational Journey Essay

My Reflection On My Educational Journey Essay

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My educational journey started with a last minute decision that would lead me to
places that I could never imagine. I chose a Technical High School over one of my states
highest ranked High Schools. I felt a technical career over going on to college was the best
fit for me. What I would discover is my plan would take me on a wild ride and send me down
many wrong paths.

During the summer of 2010, I had to make my decision on were I wanted to go to high
school. I had two choices, Littleton High School in Littleton, Massachusetts, or I could
attend Nashoba Technical High School in Westford, Massachusetts. I decided on
Nashoba Technical High School, because I figured I could get a career and hopefully a
good job when I got out of high school. My educational journey started here and my dreams
of getting the career I wanted crashed and burned with the different paths that I took.
Choosing Nashoba Tech was a gift and a curse in my educational journey.

Freshman year was a very exiting time for me. As a freshman, I was very nervous to
be in a new environment with new students and new teachers. The staff set up activities that
helped us to meet other students and because it is not easy for me to meet people, I was
happy for these activities. I also, was assigned a mentor, who came up to me on the first
day of school and said "Welcome to Nashoba Tech my name is Dave." I responded, "My
name is Dave too." We became instant friends and due to his friendship, he made starting
school at Nashoba Tech a very pleasant experience. I was excited about school for the
first time in my life and I felt that I had made the right choice by coming here.

I started my Freshman year of school on a high note and everything was fal...

... middle of paper ...

to better myself so I found Penn Foster, an online high school and I decided that I would get
my high school diploma without the distractions of other kids.

At 19 years old, I have gone through many pitfalls and I cannot promise there will not
be others, but hopefully my high school diploma from Penn Foster, will help me on the
career path that I so much wanted many years ago. In my beginning statement I said
that Nashoba Tech had been a gift and a curse and I stand by that statement today.
The gift was the knowledge of auto body that I learned in the three years plus years and I
feel this is a career I might pursue. The curse, was the timing of losing my IEP teacher
Mrs. Duffy and cutting my IEP programs. Mrs. Duffy was my angel and I feel losing her
and cutting my IEP programs was the curse that led me down the path that I now wish I
never had to go through.

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