My Reflection Of A Life Span Segment At A Twelve Step Meeting Essay

My Reflection Of A Life Span Segment At A Twelve Step Meeting Essay

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I completed my reflection of a life span segment at a twelve step meeting, the majority of the individuals were middle-age adults. As I observed this group I had found that alcohol consumption is more likely to occur in the middle-aged and older adults between 40-60 years old, while teenagers and young adults are more likely to participate in less frequent, heavy drinking. I have come to find that twelve-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous involves usually groups of middle aged individuals and that it has saved many lives who are middle-aged men when they got sober. It is common among middle-aged adults at the age between 40 and 60 years to attend a meeting like this.
While approaching this group of middle-aged people at this meeting location, I did see people gathered outside, chatting before the meeting started. Many were middle-aged men with a couple of women that were also participating in the conversations seem to fit in the category of the working class. They all seem to be Caucasian adults between 40-60 years, at their middle-age stage of life. The...

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