My Reading And Writing Skills Improved With Influence From My Mother Essay

My Reading And Writing Skills Improved With Influence From My Mother Essay

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At first, the process of learning and comprehending was difficult. I struggled with connecting letters to make words, connecting words to make sentences, connecting sentences to make paragraphs, and finally connecting paragraphs to make a coherent essay. This process of connecting words and sentences took time, but with determination and motivation I learned how. I could not have made it this far without the advice and assistance from my literacy sponsors. My reading and writing skills improved with influence from my mother, Ms. Kathryn Campbell, and Mr. Phillip de Sa e Silva. Literacy sponsors, as defined in Deborah Brandt’s essay “Sponsors of Literacy,” are “Agents, local or distant, concrete, or abstract, who enable, support, teach, model, as well as recruit, regulate, suppress, or withhold literacy—and gain advantage by it in some way” (46). Essentially, a literacy sponsor is a person or idea who either advocates or undermines a “Superman and Me,” an essay by Sherman Alexie, highlights both positive and negative literary sponsors (126). Luckily, my literacy sponsors have only benefitted my approach to reading and writing. My literacy sponsors were, and still are, useful to my learning, reading, and writing because their presence motivates me to always pursue and discover.
Starting at the beginning of my literacy career, my mother inspired me to start reading. I do not remember when I first started reading and writing, but I remember my mother sitting by my side helping me sound out words. We would start out with simple words like “bed,” and end up with a more difficult word such as “proofread.” Reading aloud became easier because I could spell out the words in my mind. My mother encouraged me to read challenging books and le...

... middle of paper ... poetry. At first, I was not sure of what I would expect in the poetry class, but Mr. de Sa e Silva’s teaching style taught me to love reading and analyzing poetry. He gave me good advice and pointed out areas where I could improve and strengthen my voice in the recitation and in my analysis of the poems. He did not force a love of poetry onto his students, but he was very enthusiastic about reading and analyzing poetry. His love of poetry rubbed off on his students. Mr. de Sa e Silva’s purpose of teaching “Poetry: Craft and Criticism” was to share the beauty of poetry with his students. Mr. de Sa e Silva motivated me to go further in my analysis of poems.
My journey was not guided solely by my hard work and dedication. Without the sponsorship of my literacy sponsor, my mother, Ms. Campbell, and Mr. de Sa e Silva, I could not have reached this far into my career.

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