Essay My Property, My Money!

Essay My Property, My Money!

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Biotech companies and health insurance providers are motivated not for the greater good, not to serve humanity, but to make a profit. Money is the fuel that drives a capitalist society. If doctors, researchers, and biotech companies reap the benefits of human tissues, certainly donor should, as well. When a person donates bone marrow or an organ, they do it overwhelmingly to serve their fellow man (Matas). Unfortunately, big business in the healthcare industry does not lead by man’s example. The lack of consideration of the Lacks’ family following Henrietta’s death is a true testament to our dysfunctional healthcare system; furthermore the United States carries a heavy history of discriminating against minorities (Richardson). Today, the issue of ‘tissue rights’ ads another dynamic to the ever-evolving healthcare debate where doctors and researchers are acting more and more like entrepreneurs as they attempt to patent human tissues (Devine). Unfortunately, these tissues belong to the individual are often taken without the patient’s consent or understanding of how the tissues will be used (Devine). In a world where not every individual receives proper medical attention, biotech companies are making billions. The money made off of human tissues should go on to serve humanity; to ensure everyone receives quality healthcare. The healthcare industry should benefit humanity, not to merely deliver profits to its shareholders. Until universal healthcare is established and the current system continues to be for-profit, tissue donors should have the right to be informed, to determine how their tissues are used, and to seek profit for their property if they choose.
In 1980, the Supreme Court’s landmark decision on the biotech industry allow...

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