My Presentation Proposal Involves Stroke Education And Prevention Essay

My Presentation Proposal Involves Stroke Education And Prevention Essay

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My presentation proposal involves stroke education and prevention. My target audience is men, over the age of 60. I will cover the multiple types of strokes and describe each precursor. I will refer to several case studies in order to demonstrate how particular factors may increase the risk of stroke. I will describe why my chosen age group is at higher risk than younger ones. I aim to introduce appropriate ways to respond to such an event, as well as health management after an event. Knowing that symptoms may be different in any given stroke victim means I will cover multiple risk factors and how they affect the brain.

What is a stroke
In layman’s terms, a stroke is simply a lack or blockage of blood supply to the brain. Blood vessels can become congested or even full, preventing normal circulation. A stroke is “ischemic” if it involves such blocking (Brain Basics, 2016, p.1). Another form of stroke involves bleeding within the brain or blood collecting in the surrounding pleura (Brain Basics, 2016, pp.1-2).

Ischemic strokes
The most common strokes are ischemic, resulting from blockage of one or more blood vessels. More times than not, the blockage is caused by a free-flowing fibrin clot called a thrombosis when lodged (Brain Basics, 2016, p1). If the fibrin clot originally broke off from an area other than the head or neck, it is known as a flowing embolism. In some occurrences, vasoconstriction or arteriosclerosis of cranial blood vessels may adversely affect circulation (Brain Basics, 2016, p.1).

Hemorrhagic strokes
These types of strokes have far less occurrences, but are just as severe. Blood flowing from damaged vessels damage the brain and isn’t in circulation (Hemorrhagic Stroke 2015). Vessels can be damaged by an ane...

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...g more functions than before (Brain Basics, 2016, p.4). One research study concluded that some men who consume high amounts of dairy were more likely to have diabetes (Larsson et al., 2009, p.357). Higher levels of blood-sugar can result to cardiovascular damage over time, increasing the risk of stroke (Diabetes 2013).

Stroke treatment
When it comes to treatment of hemorrhagic strokes, the initial source of bleeding must be identified. While blood thinners may prevent strokes, they must not be used during or after one. Blood clotting should be encouraged during a rupture within the brain in order to prevent further bleeding and tissue inflammation (Caplan 2015). Surgery is an alternative solution to stop hemorrhaging and to repair vessels. Various medical imaging can be used to discover any existing aneurysms, which are blocked off to prevent rupture (Caplan 2015).

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