My Presentation On Video Counseling Sessions Essay

My Presentation On Video Counseling Sessions Essay

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As a class we were asked to pair up with a partner in our learning team, and create a five minute counseling session on video. The video counseling sessions were a chance for us as a learning team to step outside our comfort zones, and film one another having a mock discussion with a client. The goal is to demonstrate meaningful and thoughtful listening skills, as well as providing goals for the client to work towards in solving their problem.
I will introduce the client/ patient relationship in my mock video session. My client is Jill, and we are about three sessions into the work being done. Jill has come to see me, the counselor, about some issues she is experiencing with her sister.
I greet Jill, and ask her specifically what she would like to discuss today. Jill expresses to me that she is having a hard time with the relationship that she is having with her sister, and how it is affecting her family. I wanted to clarify if it was the relationship between just her and her sister, or her family and her sister. Jill exclaimed that it was the relationship between her sister and her family that was the major issue at this time.
So that I was able to better understand what Jill was trying to explain to me, I asked her for some examples on what was causing the strain. She informed me that her sister and her husband do not get along, but that does not bother her as much as the fact the actions of her sister we causing stress between her parents as well as her other siblings.
I felt that it was important to find out how this situation was making Jill feel personally, because the help I was able to provide to Jill was not going to change her sister, but only how Jill is able to deal with and respond to her sister’s acti...

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...ave been interested to know more about the history of the situation to better understand the actions of Jill’s sister. Perhaps there was an underlying issue that the family was missing. I also would have been interested to invite a different perspective to the situation, in a way that was non-threatening to Jill. Lastly I would have like to ask Jill for feedback on the session to help better prepare for any following sessions.
I was happy with the overall experience. I felt comfortable talking to Jill, and I genuinely wanted to help her with her sister. I sometimes feel I can get distracted when listening to others, so I was able to put a lot of effort into one person. It is important to make sure that the sessions are completely about the client, and after completing this exercise I have a greater respect for all the work that goes into counseling others.

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