Essay about My Prenatal And Infant Development

Essay about My Prenatal And Infant Development

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As I spoke to my mother on the phone for over an hour and asked her questions regarding my prenatal and infant development, I couldn’t help but smile and become fascinated about the intimate and long process of my prenatal and infant development. I have one older sister named Kari and one younger sister named Brianne. Therefore, before I was even conceived and born, my older sister Kari was about three years old. Throughout my prenatal development, including the germinal, embryonic, and fetal periods, my mother visited her OB-GYN monthly. My mother began to go to that same OB-GYN every week during the last month of her pregnancy with me. In fact, about ten long months later that same OB-GYN doctor delivered me as well.
As I stated earlier, this was my mother’s second pregnancy as she had already delivered my older sister Kari about three years prior to my birth. During my prenatal development and monthly/weekly visits to her OB-GYN, my mother had prenatal screening tests done such as ultrasounds. Around the fifth month of my mother’s pregnancy, her OB-GYN did ultrasounds in order to view my development and possibly depict which gender I was going to be. About three or four weeks later, the OB-GYN completed another ultrasound because my kidneys were slightly enlarged and they wanted to check-up on this issue later. The slight enlargement of my kidneys did not turn out to be a serious health issue, but both of my parents were concerned because the doctors never did any sort of prenatal kidney screening with my older sister Kari. The OB-GYN told my parents that kidney enlargements were common in male babies. Both of my parents did not want to know my gender at the time, but it was after this discussion with the OB-GYN that they k...

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...rned one and could sit up and crawl, I went to daycare part-time where they would place me on the floor with other babies to play with toys. My father picked me up after he got off work and would hold me on his lap facing him and sing to me the song “I feel good.” During the song he would move my hands and arms as I began to hysterically laugh. As far as any reflections regarding my physical, cognitive, or socioemotional development during infancy, I can only vaguely remember the daycare I attended in Omaha. The daycare was located in a downtown post office building, and there were huge security scares and adjustments after the Oklahoma City bombings in 1995. I can remember interacting with other kids at daycare, but this was probably by the time I was three or four years old. I think interacting with other infants is key for one’s own socioemotional development.

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