My Positive Thinking Skills Changed My Life Essay

My Positive Thinking Skills Changed My Life Essay

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There could be some moments in life when one could feel depressed, when they don’t get what they wanted, but everything got its own positive side. There was a moment in my life when I wanted something eagerly, but I lost it, that was the moment where my positive thinking skills helped me to survive from depression. My positive thinking skills taught me that whatever happens it, happens for good, life means ups and downs which helped me to succeed in school.

Everyone wants to be successful in college or school like my story that was happened last year in my home nation, India. It was my last school year and I wanted it to be the best one. My school was one of the best schools in India, named G. D. Goenka Public School in New Delhi. As always, this year too, students were being selected for our school’s 2015-2016 student government for the posts such as head-boy, head-girl, sports captain, house captain and many more. Every student in my school wanted to be a part of this as it was the greatest opportunity for a student to prove himself or herself at a school level. The first step to be a part of student government was a selection from our supervisors by the recommendations of teachers .About forty-five students got selected and luckily, I was one of them. Next step was an interview with our supervisors, where about three to four students gave the interview at the same time and there, all students represented themselves the best for the positions. Supervisor gave us situations related to our school or responsibilities and all the students tried to give the answer with their best ability. Before my interview, I felt very nervous and tensed as I wanted to be a part of the government, not as the head-girl but I wanted to get some ...

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... and the joy that I am a part of this. My parents were very supportive about my posting and even they made me see another brighter side of the situation with me. They made me realised that it was better that I am a house captain rather than the head girl as, if I have been the head girl I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my studies and due to my tight schedule I wouldn’t have showed my full responsibility to the post, which actually came out to be true.

So, to put it in a nutshell, I was happy with the post that I was assigned as it matched with my abilities and I performed my responsibilities really well. Additionally, I realised that sometimes things happens differently as expected but we should always try to look at its brighter side, as everything happens for a reason. My positive thinking helped me to success in college and so it would help other students.

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