My Position With Kaiser Permanente 3 Essay

My Position With Kaiser Permanente 3 Essay

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I am writing this letter as a claim letter representing my injuries, hardships, and pain/suffering. Since the accident on August 10, 2015 I have endured many treatments from my medical provider; that have still not resulted in much pain relief. I have completed special injection procedures, physical therapy, electrotherapy, and followed a home based physical therapy treatment program. In still not finding full relief some of the existing options to look into would be burning the effected nerves; and if all else fails infusing the disc in the neck through surgery.
My total time away from work only accounted for a total 40 hours equaling 1,700 in loss wages. This number truly doesn’t demonstrate the severity of my injury due to my constraints of my current job. The wages above represent only doctor visits and treatments, excluding any recovery or pain relief from time off. I started my position with Kaiser Permanente 3 months before the accident occurred in August. I was still on new hire probation and couldn’t take the necessary time off without jeopardizing my position. On...

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