My Plans For College At High School Essay

My Plans For College At High School Essay

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From the moment I entered high school people were asking me my plans for college. This question of “What college are you going to?” began to loom above my head like a giant storm cloud. Freshman year I had no idea, and the same for sophomore year. The only thing I new at that moment in time was that I wanted to play softball. The beginning of my junior year was when I began to actively seek out specific colleges, and by the end of my junior year I knew exactly what college I wanted to attend. Through the long process of choosing a college I learned that there are three things that should be thought about: will you be happy and succeed, the colleges location, and does it have your major.
Legacy, when someone attends the same college that one or both of their parents also attended. When you are in an environment that makes you happy; you have a better chance at succeeding. During my college research, my stepsister was actually transferring colleges. She went to a college thinking that she would enjoy it, and ended up hating it. She eventually failed two of her first college classes. I...

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