My Plan For A Home Office Set Up Essay

My Plan For A Home Office Set Up Essay

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Bill, first I would like to take the time to tell you how very excited I am to have the opportunity to assist you with your business start up plan and providing you with the tools to help you achieve your business goals. I know we have a long way to go to get you where you want to be but I am looking forward to the journey we have together. Based on the criteria and outline you provided me with, I have come up with a plan and a budget destined for success.
First off, we want to start with your hardware. I believe it would benefit you greatly to have a home office set up. A stationary PC where you can store and keep all your data as well as all your merchant information and records is ideal. My recommendation would be the Dell Inspiron Desktop Intel Core I5. This can be found and bought at regularly 784.99 on sale for 534.99. I know you mentioned having a necessity for at least 2-3 TB of storage. This particular PC comes with 12 gb memory (for full power multi-tasking) and 2TB hard drive (additional memory). This PC is going to include a mouse and a keyboard, as well as a free 6 month subscription for Webroot Secure Anywhere (which I will discuss further). You stated in your requirements that you prefer to work with Windows Operating Systems. This particular system is windows compatible coming with the latest windows 10 operating system. The system is blue tooth compatible, as well as wired and wireless network connectivity (internet service).
Before continuing with the rest of the hardware options I have selected for you, I want to discuss your security software. The security of your information as well as that of your clients and customers is extremely important as you well know. With the PC previously mentioned i...

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...ou decided to expand your business and hire a record keeper or secretary they would be able to access files from anywhere as long as you have given them access to your cloud information. Google Drive is a good value for you because it may add up to a total of 5 TB of storage to your devices (9.99 a month for one additional TB). Google Drive is compatible with all the hardware and devices as well that I have mentioned to you.
So Bill, I have provided you with my suggestions to help you maximize the possibilities for your business. I hope you will take these suggestions and implement them into your own business plan and you with have great success. If you have any questions about any products, services, or software that I have mentioned to you feel free to reach out to me at any time and I will expand and explain further. I look forward to seeing your business excel.

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