My Photography Goal of Capturing Oppression, Personal Issues and Illness on Film

My Photography Goal of Capturing Oppression, Personal Issues and Illness on Film

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This family is mourning the loss of a loved one in Uruguay. The photographer captured the moment of sadness for this family and shows the essence that everyone feels at some point in their life. The father has fallen to his knees in sadness and loss of body control for his lost wife. The children pray for their losses as they see their father lose his composure. I am going to travel the world and develop my personal imagination in my ability to portray my feelings through photography. I have always had a fascination with photography and would like to bring my skills of photography to the point I can portray my thoughts to others. I would like to travel the world in order to be open to sights, sounds, touch, and emotions that I am conveyed to feel. I will visit many famous photographers and ask if I can follow them and then try to develop myself through their thoughts and daily activities.
I have had lows in my life that have come and gone. My mother has been sick since I was born with many diseases such as lupus, and just about every autoimmune that doctors can come up with. She is the toughest person I know, she had a stroke when I was six, and lost control of the right side of her body and relearned to use it to take care of my two sisters and I. There have been many periods when I can’t tell how poorly she is feeling, but I know it’s there. She puts on a face that no one would believe anything is wrong at all but she just doesn't want anyone to worry. I worry every day. My father broke down in tears this past thanksgiving break. I haven't seen him cry since his brother died.
I have lost my two lifelong pets in the last three years. My sweet Pekingese dog, passed away during my spring semester freshman year. I was depres...

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... to break down the thought they were taking advantage of welfare. She started with the idea of showing a woman and her daughter, but evolved the idea of connecting a dog race into the film. The film uses the dog’s life as a representation for the “mundane, everyday existence and hard work, and the assembly line” that the mother worked for. This comparison creative process I would like to develop into my photography. (Chapter 12 pages 409-412)
In my travels around the world I hope to be able to represent why each person I photograph is living a hard life due to family illness, personal issues, or oppression. All these things are issues that cause these people anguish in some way or another, and they push trough and live through the misfortune. I would like the viewer to see their life in the 1/600 second clip of my camera lens and think differently for doing so.

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