My Philosophy Of Educational Leadership Essay

My Philosophy Of Educational Leadership Essay

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Defining my philosophy of educational leadership as of today:
1) I believe that it’s starts at the top with management. Management has to have the ability bring together different values, cultures, and experiences of employees, allowing for creativity. Bringing employees together and allowing them to use their experiences will get them to have a better respect for you as a manger/leader. This creativity is desperately needed when working around politics of the educational system. After working in education I have seen a common them of management not having the ability to bring these different experiences together, and some just not caring to take the time to do so. When you bring together people from different walks of life you get a better pool of ideas to work from, and you allow the employee to feel needed. I have noticed when a manager is able to do this, employees have a greater respect for that manager. This holds true in the classroom with instructor student relationships. A good instructor builds on all the cultures of the students in class, this makes for a better learning experience and gets all students involved in the class.
2) I believe that schools must be willing to adapt to the changing needs of industry. As industry needs change so must the curriculum being taught. The position I held with ITT allowed me to see how important this is. When a school is not willing to change, or investigate what industry is needing from students the school will not only fail the students, but the school as a whole will fail. A school that sends students out into the work force that has not prepared them for new industry standards will give the students little chance at succeeding, and companies will not want to hire students from th...

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... are trained, and to a certain extent leaders being born although I do believe that a good leader can be groomed to be just that. A good example to prove my point is the story of Leo Apotheker who had great success leading SAP he Leo was able lead the company to 18 quarters of double-digit revenue growth, and was know there for his great leadership skills. Leo then took a position as CEO for HP where he leads the company in to a loss of a 30-billion-dollar loss (Brookmire, 2012). So how can a great leader such as Leo go from leading a company into double digit revenue to a 30-billion-dollar loss if great leaders are born? After watching the videos, and reading our readings for the week I have only had my beliefs reinforced. I must say I was hoping for something to give me better insight to help me look at things in a better way, different way.

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