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I envision a tree to illustrate my philosophy of education. A tree started in a nursery, planted and tended with all the proper items needed for it to grow and flourish. Temperature light nutrients space. Each tree would be given these requirements based on its unique needs its species, its growth habits, and its individuality. Each tree starts out the same but differences soon are evident once sprouting and early growth occurs. Some are privileged with prime sunlight and nutrients because of where they germinate. These trees seedlings are able to flourish. Their growth can quickly over shadow those in less desirable areas. A competent nursery worker recognizes this inequity and redistributes the seedlings or provides the hindered trees with what they lack. Some may need pruning. Some may need extra nourishment. Some may need the shade of other trees. Some may need tied to a supporting stake to grow straight and tall. If tended properly all the trees have the ability to grow and contribute to the world. Some may grow tall and provide shade for others. Some may develop beautiful foliage and flowers for all to enjoy. Others may develop unique characteristics that have not been seen before.
As illustrated the tree itself represents the individual student with roots stretching down into the soil to extract past knowledge and utilizing that as a foundation to anchor the tree and to provide a nourishing source for growth at the top. Each part of the root system provides different nourishments for the student to grow and learn. These nourishments come in the form of competent teachers able to recognize the individuality of each student and adjust the curriculum to those needs, and a building and system administration that allows th...

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...e is to be more of a facilitator like a gardener pruning trimming fertilizing. Guiding. Directing. Sparky inquiry in the student. Recognizing the possible potential in a student and then designing that student’s educational experience so that the student can develop into a contributing member of the society as a whole. The student’s role on the other hand is to take responsibility for his own learning. Soaking in the experiences that are provided by the teacher, processing the knowledge gained to formulate more questions and so forth. In this way learning should never end. The goal is to encourage lifelong learning.

What does it mean to learn? Learning is a process that should never stop until one dies and even then might be the most learning to occur. Compare this to knowledge which is the result of learning. Knowledge is stagnant, learning is vibrant and in flux.

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