My Perspective On Health Care Essay

My Perspective On Health Care Essay

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In order to broaden my perspective on health care, I decided not to interview an occupational therapist. I wanted to hear the health perspective of another professional, therefore I chose to interview a social worker. I believed it would be interesting since social work is one of the disciplines that influenced occupational therapy. Claire Fultz was able to give me a glimpse of the social work profession and corresponding background during our interview. Fultz is a psychiatric social worker employed at Mindoula Health Inc. who began working in the human services and social work field back in 2001. Prior to her professional work experience, she completed two Master’s programs while majoring in four specializations. She explained how her experience in internships along with the opportunity to study abroad expanded her cultural competence, and emphasized how necessary it is to have as an efficient clinician.
The profession of social work began in the 19th century as a means to provide care for those suffering from health and social issues associated with disease, poverty, mental illness, and other experiences of pain and suffering. Much like occupational therapy, social workers incorporate theory in their field to increase the understanding of human behavior and the delivery of exceptional service. The profession of social work follows the code of ethics, core values, and guiding principles of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Fultz described how the principles of service, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, importance of human relationships, integrity and competence guide her clinical practice by strengthening her commitment to her client centered services. Although Fultz incorporates theory into her cli...

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...ocial institutions, since social justice will always be an issue. As long as disease and mental illness exist, social workers will always be needed in healthcare. It was also interesting to notice how other careers use theory as a basis for their profession. The aspects we learned in class actually apply to everyday situations. It was helpful to see how the core principles, etc. fit into a different profession which made me appreciate and respect how important they are within occupational therapy. Overall, I had an amazing experience being able to interview Fultz and we are going to remain in touch as I continue with my education as a future occupational therapist. Fultz was very surprised and touched that I decided to interview her and she promised that as I get deeper into my program she will provide great recommendations for me as I search to start my fieldwork.

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