My Personal Vision Of The Future Essay

My Personal Vision Of The Future Essay

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My Values, Philosophy, Dreams, and Calling
My personal vision of the future is not something I have taken a significant amount of time to ponder in the past. I have general ideas of where I see myself both personally and professionally in future but have not identified specific steps to get there or pondered why I want to be in that situation. When taking on this somewhat daunting task of identifying my future self it is important to identify my driving values, philosophy, dreams, and my personal calling. Self-reflection on these characteristics and preferences are key to a developing a successful picture of the future.
The first step in creating the picture of my future is to evaluate values, beliefs, and desirable personal characteristics. After considering the list of values in Becoming a Resonant Leader I determined that the values that mean the most to me are: competence, dependability, economic security, family happiness, health, honesty, integrity, logical thinking, responsibility, and self-reliance (McKee, Boyatzis, & Johnston, 2008). It was a difficult task to choose only ten values that are important to me since so many of the values on the list are very worthy values personally and professionally. After further consideration I was able to narrow down the list of values to only the four values that I feel are of utmost importance to me and reflect what I want to continue to focus on in the future. The five values that I will be focusing on are dependability, family happiness, health, and honesty.
Dependability is a very important value to me and has become especially important as my career has progressed. Not only is it crucial to be a dependable employee, but also to be a dependable leader. Dependability is also a key b...

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...ess what my calling in life or noble purpose would be. After a lot of pondering I really think my calling in life is just to be a good person. I strive to be a good wife, good mother, and good employee. It does not take a lot to make me happy and I also think striving to be a good person is a benefit to society as well. This world could certainly use more good people that care about making the world a better place for our children to grow up in and my life will be complete if I can be one of those people.
In summary, I think that my values in life line up nicely with my dreams for my future and my noble purpose in life. My plan for the future is to continue to focus on being a better person and employee and through that my career will also continue to grow and flourish. I want to make the most of my life and continue to balance my personal life and professional life.

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