My Personal Views On Teaching Philosophy Essay

My Personal Views On Teaching Philosophy Essay

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My teaching philosophy is keeping the students interested in the subject. The philosophy of education is that every child should have the right to learn. Every student that enters the room should be comfortable and feel safe.
My motivation for teaching is giving the students the same opportunity, motivation and understanding that has been provided to me throughout my own education. In the article “How to Motive Students: 12 ways,” it talks about twelve ways to motivate students and how they work. Also, the article talks about how to put it in effect the ways to motivate the students.
My personal beliefs on education are that every student who comes to school could succeed in life and students have something to teach me. I am a role model to the students and demonstrate respect, honesty, responsibility and desire for learning. Education should combine the students’ families and communities when at all possible. Also, I believe that teachers should have technological advances. That means keeping the material relevant and staying up-to-date, keeping the most current and accurate information. This is especially important in science and technology classrooms because these two fields are advancing quickly. In order to assist the sharing of ideas by the students, I wish to develop a safe learning environment where the students feel that their thoughts and opinions are valued.
The job/role of a teacher is to teach the students and give them the tools to succeed in everyday life. A job for a teacher is to make lesson plans for the class, make copies of the work that will be done, and test the students after a lesson to ensure understanding. The role of a teacher is to help students learn, meet with parents at open house or conferenc...

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... molded to tie in each learning style. I want to teach the students in a way that has straightforward instruction, but also give students room to grow and expand on their own.
My philosophy on education is very important to me and how I will teach my students when I become a teacher. My method of teaching may change when I get my foot in the door at a school, depending on the common core and what grade I am teaching, but motivation will probably be the same. Students may learn in a wide variety of settings and ways, the term is often used as a more accurate, preferred, or inclusive alternative to terms such as course. For example, that have more limited or conventional connotations. Learning experience may also be used to underscore or reinforce the goal of an educational interaction learning rather than its location (school, classroom) or format (course, program).

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