My Personal View Of Literacy Essay

My Personal View Of Literacy Essay

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My personal view of literacy is the ability to communicate and interact with yourself and one another. Without the ability to talk to one another, hear one another, or be able to understand what others are trying to say, you will be completely lost in a lonely world. I do not want to be stuck in a dark and quiet world, so I keep myself as literate and have as much knowledge as possible. Literacy is being able to communicate, read, and having knowledge while doing so.
When I was younger, about five years of age, I had started using a reading and communication program called Hooked on Phonics, a program you can use at home that teaches a young child to be able to sound letters and words. Eventually at older ages, this program introduces you to more complex words and even sentences, which requires you to not only read them, but speak them too. When I was using this program, this was the start of my journey to literacy. I started being able to talk more fluently, speak different and more complex words, and start to have meaningful conversations with people. By the time I reached Kindergarten, I had an advanced reading level, my reading level was that of a fifth graders. Meaning I was five years more advanced in my reading and speaking skills. Ever since then, any time I hear a word that I don’t understand, or want to be able to know more terms, I look words up on the internet or in a dictionary, which allows me to learn things that I never knew before, allowing me to use them in papers or in conversation with others. Being illiterate means you do not have the ability to communicate with someone, imagine those times when you are trying to describe something to someone, and you are unable to think of the word you want to say, so you si...

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...nform others of what I wanted to in a much simpler way and much easier. I was also able to understand what others were saying or writing, allowing me to become even more literate by learning from those things I would hear or read. Being able to communicate with others is what allows our world to be successful and it allows us to live normal lives. Communication is what brought our world out of the dark and allowed us to become what we are today. Businesses would not be able to run without forms of communication. Religions would not be able to translate their scripture to other people, or they would not be able to expand the knowledge of their information. Only simple forms of entertainment would be able to exist, we wouldn’t have books, television shows and movies, or plays and concerts. Literacy is being able to communicate, read, and having knowledge while doing so.

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