My Personal Teaching Style And My Student 's Learning Styles Essay

My Personal Teaching Style And My Student 's Learning Styles Essay

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Richard M. Felder & Eunice R. Henriques (1995) state, “The challenge to language instructors is to devise ways of augmenting their verbal classroom presentation with non-verbal visual material- for example, showing photographs, drawings, sketches, and cartoons to reinforce presentation of vocabulary words, and using films, videotapes, and dramatizations to illustrate lessons in dialogue and pronunciation” (p.24)

I thoroughly enjoyed the reading,” Learning and Teaching Styles In Foreign and Second Language Education by Richard M. Felder –Eunice R. Henriques”. I have related this reading selection to my personal teaching/ learning style and my student’s learning styles, but especially to one particular student that I work with.

The students’ on my caseload have disabilities that range from the following: verbal, sensory, auditory skills, and emotional and behavior disorders.
Most of my students’ have specific learning disabilities that relate to the basic psychological processes that involve, understanding or using spoken or written language, which may contribute to their ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell and to perform mathematical calculations.

One of my students, who I will refer to as, JV has a behavior disorder. It’s important to note that children with behavioral disorders do not necessarily have learning disabilities. JV is in the first grade and reads on a grade three reading level. When JV first started working with me, JV scored at a frustration comprehension level. Therefore, JV didn’t comprehend what he was reading. Therefore, I set about to discover ways to engage my learner. I realized it would be difficult due to the many behavior issues previous teachers had with JV’s behavior. I have to say, ...

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...abilities. Therefore, in order to ensure that students are learning to the best of their ability, it’s important for teachers to work towards providing the necessary instructional measures to help develop their skills in order to help build upon their weaknesses and enhance their strengths. This article was very in depth, yet provided a thorough insight into what approach a teacher should focus on in order to help match his/her teaching styles to their student’s learning styles. The article written by Felder and Henriques helped me to gain a better recognition and understanding of the different learning styles, along with the necessary approach that is required to teach students how to learn best.


Author, R.M., & Author, E.H. (1995). Learning and Teaching Styles In Foreign and Second Language Education. Foreign Language Annals,28, No. 1,1995,pp.21-31

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