Essay on My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses for a Career

Essay on My Personal Strengths and Weaknesses for a Career

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Hello Class,

It is vital when looking for a new job or career that you know what skills and qualities you have. Knowing what you can or cannot do will alter what employers and positions there are for you. Throughout my higher education at Full Sail University, I have been able to overcome weaknesses that I have and raised other strengths beyond what I thought I could. Matching what you are good at and not so good at can help shape what your life path will be. Looking deeper into my personal capabilities, I have discovered three strengths and three weaknesses that I have and I’m working on eliminating or improving. If you are not good at something, improving even slightly can have a nice positive impact on your overall quality of life at work and at home.

I have several attributes that I can bring to an employers table. Among the several strengths, three skills in particular stand out when working with a team and they include: Empathetic, Analytical and Visionary. I have a great ability to understand and share the feelings of another, which is an excellent skill to have when working in a group setting. Knowing what other group members are feeling can help the team work together better and have less problems overall. When working on a group project I take a very logical course of thinking. Being analytical with my thoughts helps keep the reasoning and logic of what the project is trying to accomplish into a real possibility. My thought process is very grounded and I try to utilize all of the available knowledge available to form the foundation of all group projects.

While I use logic and knowledge to form all thoughts, I have a great visionary mind that is always thinking about or planning for the future. A gre...

... middle of paper ...

...y strengths and improve my weaknesses by always being prepared for the new “thing” in technology and make sure that I am constantly using my resources (connections, education and skills) to make myself an ideal team member and someone that an employer wants as part of their team.

Kyle Thompson

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