My Personal Statement On My Career

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My greatest academic wish this quarter is to pass my classes, to do this I will have to work on turning my assignments in on time and attending all of my classes. There are many things I will have to do in order to climb the stairway of success and ascend to new academic heights. My wishes are to pass my classes, turn my assignments in on time and attend all of my classes. The reason why these are my wishes is because, if I were to fail to accomplish these things then they would be the biggest reason for me failing. There are many personal obstacles that I will face on my path to success. Laziness, procrastination, anxiety, perfectionism, video games, time management and not being motivated to work are all things that will become hurdles on my path that I will have to learn to leap over so I may continue onwards towards my success and not trip and fall and become delayed in my journey. There are many things I could do to change these negative habits of mine. I will work towards things such as organizing my time better, or working on being an excellentist instead of a perfectionist. Even though I have will have obstacles, I will work towards achieving these wishes by setting and following plans. The first wish I will work towards obtaining is attending all my classes. I will have a few obstacles in my way, my laziness, being unmotivated, video games, time management and anxiety are all things that could become obstacles against me achieving this wish. I could do things to combat these obstacles, things like going to sleep on time and not staying up playing video games so that I am able to be awake and make it to my classes on time and not miss them. I feel that my anxiety is the biggest factor that leads to these obstacles... ... middle of paper ... ...ter what I do it will have no meaning. My fear is a prison that binds me with chains of futility, and the more I struggle the more rigid the chains become. But I believe that if I set a plan to work towards these wishes, and if I succeed in making this plan effective, then it will start a domino effect on my mentality. I will be showing myself that I can vanquish this beast imprisoning me in my own mind, this beast known as anxiety; then I will be able to move confidently towards a future that I wish for. So my plan for the present will be to work on being an excellentist instead of a perfectionist, fixing my poor time management skills, and mending my poor habits. To do this I will try and log how I spend my time and plan accordingly, try different kinds of anxiety and stress relief, such as meditation and exercise, and cut back on the hobbies that I find addictive.
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