My Personal Statement On Driving Essay

My Personal Statement On Driving Essay

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Experiencing the world is a feeling like un-other where I’m free to do as I choose as I’m in charge of which paths to take and explore. My happy place is behind the wheel of my car it is my freedom to see what the world has to offer. Whether I be driving to school or a friend’s house the experience of driving is what I crave most. With every traveled mile a new adventure has been accomplished, a feeling of thrill has been sought after, and a challenge to continue going forward is presented before me. While some may see a vehicle as a simple tool I see it as a machine of my creation a palette of colors of which I choose. I take inspiration from what I see around me to build my car to be the creation I want it to be. My car is my happy place, my instrument to play as driving is where life seems to mesh together and the stresses of life are left behind.
Once I found a job and with my life starting to get on track I wanted nothing more than to purchase a car on my own. Having a handy down family car was okay to get me where I needed to, but I felt as though I was chained to parents as no matter what it was their property. My hobby at the time as it still is to this day are car. They can be fast, expensive, luxurious, and works of art to the eye of the beholder. However, I already knew what I wanted something fast yet not too extreme to strain my funds. I settled on a craigslist ad on a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse. I knew right away the car would not be perfect, yet I believed that I could mold it into something I could be proud of. Since the first pull on the test drive I had to have it. With cash in hand I said the greedy words, “That is a fair price.” From that day my understanding of driving changed, once home I gutted the entire inter...

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...h a flick and twist of the key the car comes to life as you anticipate the great thundering roar of the exhaust as the Mitsubishi four cylinder turbocharged power plant wakes up ready to throw oneself into the seats as the race forward. With every car I see I find inspiration to one day make mine different, while I have only done minor work I hope to one day build it into something even more unique. Though the car is fast I appreciate it for the experiences it has given me. The car gave me the opportunity to learn to drive stick shift and truly gave me respect for the road. Even when I have nowhere to drive to I don’t care I’ll drive anyway because the feeling of being free from everywhere that causes stress in my life is the reason why I find happiness. In my little Mitsu I’m happy relaxed, because there is always going to be another mile for me to see and explore.

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