Essay on My Personal Statement Of Myself I Am Going At Something Like This Road

Essay on My Personal Statement Of Myself I Am Going At Something Like This Road

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Slide Two: when people look at something like this road, it represents a sign of people that have been through it and the many experiences they’ve had so far. The thing that I think represents me is the road because in my life I am on this path with many experiences and instances I have come across overall this also represents how I am still on that road and learning as a go along and hopefully reach my destination. This personal identity presentation of myself I am going to present is a little about my life and where I came from, I will touch on things like my ethical heritage and some of my cure values and also what u believe in general. The main thing for this presentation is to showcase my identity and what has shaped me as the person I am today. Now that we know where this presentation is headed, the first thing I will talk about is my racial and ethical heritage
Slide Three: Ethical and racial heritage: the second slide is a picture of my family, as you can see it is a very diverse family when it comes to culture in general. Now I’m not related to any of my family members becau...

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