My Personal Statement : Hawaii Community College Student Essay

My Personal Statement : Hawaii Community College Student Essay

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Personal Statement
After working for years and years, finally I made it to Hawaii in order to pursue a higher education. As Hawaii Community College student, I have been learning widely different subjects such as psychology and anthropology, and learning each subject has broadened my perception. Moreover, while taking Digital Media Art classes at the community college, my art skills are enhanced. Therefore, I am interested in exploring the interconnection between two completely different fields, arts and psychology, and how their subtle relations affect contemporary art and the way we perceive our lives.
To financially support myself, I had several jobs before coming to the United States. One of my favorite jobs I truly enjoyed was teaching gymnastics to children. This job taught me not only time management skills but also human observation skills. While teaching gymnastics, I could witness each individual characteristic and how children interact each other. When they have trouble with their friendships, or are frustrated with their performance, I, as an instructor, was really careful what to speak to them. Since I believe that one’s child memory could create one’s personality, I was really paying attention to individual characteristics and how I talk to them. This might be the beginning of my interest for psychology.
On the other hand, my passion towards art sprouted ever since I can remember. I have loved drawing and giving it to people since I was a little girl. Looking at people smiling or them being cheerful has been my happiness. At age of 12, I was impressed by an American animation movie that taught me movies are not only for entertainment but also for an educational tool. Since then, I have dreamed to come to the United ...

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...e up in my life and to seek a service profession in the interconnected field of art and psychology. I am still on the way to build up my foundation by absorbing various knowledge and skills. However, throughout the college education, I intend to be a person who assists others in supporting the community with prosperity and happiness. No doubt that similar to many financially struggling students, I have my share of financial burdens to bear. After all, this is an imperfect world where all individuals have their own problems. I have learned that it is not the matter of having a problem, but it is how one copes with his/her problems and moves ahead in life by helping others. Lastly, I would like to appreciate the scholarship committee for considering my application and to acknowledge the individuals and entities who contributed in creating scholarship funds for students.

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