My Personal Plan For Life Long Ministry Essay

My Personal Plan For Life Long Ministry Essay

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To be honest about my personal plan for life long ministry fruitfulness; I have no plan at all If I was to write you anything it would just be a lie. So I have no future plains for ministry at all.
But sept I have to put something I would put that if I had to do anything it would be a disciple group (D- group) in the church. I would love to help lead or help a church when it comes to making disciples.
There are many different ways that you can make disciples, but am going to talk about the way that I was a disciple. First I would have a meeting with some older man and woman in the church to ask them how do they feel about discipline some of the kids in our church? We are going to assume that each one of them said yes. And then I would explain to them how it would go. That they will disciple somewhere between 4-6 people for 2 years. There will be 5 males and 5 female groups and there will not be any co-ed discipleship group (D- group).
Each group will meet once a week at what every location that they choose, either is at the coffee shop, someone house, restaurant, or church. Each g...

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