Essay on My Personal Phone For A Black Suv

Essay on My Personal Phone For A Black Suv

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On 12/26/2015 at 22:16 hours, P/O Nucera #5223 called my personal cellphone advising me that a male in a black SUV in front of Victory Chinese was having difficulties staying awake while sitting in the driver seat. P/O Nucera advised a friend of his, which works at Papa Johns, called him about the male. John Maslanik (caller) advised the male drove into the complex, got out of the vehicle, and started to pace back and forth in front of the storefront. When I arrived in the adjacent lot, I observe a black male sitting in the driver seat of the vehicle that was parked in front of the Victory Chinese restaurant. I continue to observe the driver from the interior of my car for a short time when the driver observed my patrol vehicle. The male then removed himself from the vehicle and attempted to walk away from his vehicle. I activated my overhead lights and sirens and conducted a pedestrian stop in front of the Deptford Police station. I advised the male to stop walking away from me when he yelled,” Man, I wasn’t driving; I’m not in my car.” I advised the driver the reason I stopped him and that I observed him seated in the driver’s seat of his vehicle. I then requested to see his driver’s license. I relayed his information to County Dispatch to check NCIC, ACS, and ATS. The driver is now identified as Carwin F. Williams. Carwin after requesting his license started to become agitated and advised that I was harassing him. I advised him that I observed him behind the wheel of a vehicle and it’s just the same as driving. Carwin then advised that he was not driving and that he didn’t even have the keys to the vehicle. P/O Nucera checked the vehicle and was not able to locate the keys until he checked on the side of buildin...

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...e same right to him again and he acknowledged, “No, I do not understand that” but he signed off the form waiving his rights. Carwin also advised he wasn’t providing a breath sample for the purpose of chemical testing. I advised him that it answer was unacceptable and read him the final paragraph on the N.J. Attorney’s General Standard Statement form for Motor Vehicle Operators. After doing so, Carwin once again advised he was not going to provide a sample. I walked over to the Alcotest Test room and entered him as a “Refusal.” Carwin made contact with his girlfriend, Leebelle Jadim. When Leebelle arrived, I read her the Potential Liability and she later signed it agreeing to take custody of Carwin. I released Carwin at 00:007 hours.


-E 15 3052 DWI 39:4-50
-E15 3053 Careless 39:4-97
-E15 3054 Creating a risk 39:4-56
-e15 3055 Refusal 39:4-50.2

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