Essay My Personal Philosophy Of Teaching Philosophy

Essay My Personal Philosophy Of Teaching Philosophy

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I have a dream when I am around six years old and I want to have my own teaching philosophy. I would like to be a kindness and stringent teacher in the school. Before I become a teacher, I need a lot of observation and meet a lot of children because I want to learn more about the child’s behavior and I get more experience of teaching. When observe more children in the class I get more experience because I see how teachers handle when students have questions or misunderstand what the teacher assigned to them. In the future when I have my own classroom and I teach students by myself, I know how to solve the problem that I have seen in the observation. When students know I am a stringent teacher than the student will scare and try to listen to me and don’t want to think about lie to me. Also, students will think about I have care about them that students and I have a good relationship with each other. I will assign some work to students in the class to show their parents that they are learning and do work in the class. When I assign them to draw or read books with me because I want them to show something to their parents when their parents ask them what they learn and what they do in class, they can share with their parents.
I want to be work with young children who are under five years old in daycare center because teaching young children have a lot of fun. I like to watch children growth because in each of the stage they growth is different. In addition, I want to give good role model for young children and I want them to be me in the future. When they see me doing well for them then they will have a dream to be me in one day in the future. I see the child growth and learn something from me I feel very happy. Also, I sharing my ch...

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...o talk about how they teach their children in the center. When parents should support and belief what did the teacher teach their kids. If parents don’t believe the teacher it is hard to the teacher to teach their child.
How will you be culturally appropriate?
As a teacher, I would like to have equal culturally appropriate to each of the students in my class or everywhere because from other country students are human too. If I go somewhere other people don’t like my culture that fine to me because I can not change my culture or I am that kind of culture. When I born in that country I can not do anything with it. I can not change people mind about my culture or my skin that I have. I believe myself I am an equal person and don’t care about other culture. When the students come to class as a teacher I should teach them about new words and skill during their growing.

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