My Personal Philosophy Of Leisure Essay

My Personal Philosophy Of Leisure Essay

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My own personal philosophy of leisure has been shaped by past and present activities I do for leisure and why I do them. To me, leisure is the sense of being free from external stressors that I face in my life such as school or work. The positive outcomes from partaking in leisure are generally overlooked and often underestimated. Leisure affects our emotions, our physical and mental health, and aids in the creation of relationships. In my own personal life, I have done and still participate in leisure as a way to sooth myself or unwind from the stress of school or work. The release of pent up emotions and energy for individuals helps their relationships with others and their overall health as well. When stress is released, an individual is less likely to be malevolent towards others and is able to form healthier and happier relationships. From these relationships that are formed, multiple interactions occur, which is how our society functions the way it does. In this essay, I will dive deeper into my personal philosophy of leisure and its implications for myself and for society as a whole in the future.
Leisure to me is the exact opposite of school, work and other responsibilities that causes me stress. In the past and currently, leisure has been my escape from the stress that is inevitable when doing the things that are normally not enjoyable and I see it being this way for the rest of my life as well. Although the presence of leisure will not change, the things that I do for leisure certainly will due to constraints. For example, after I graduate and leave NC State, I will not have as much free time as I previously did for leisure. Therefore, my leisurely activities will have to take a shorter amount of time, constraining my...

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...r. Leisure to me personally involves the stress of every day life and how I cope with it. This will continual be the main benefit of leisure to me in the future. However, I will be able to expand my leisure repertoire and experience new activities and people. Other individuals in society use it for the same reasons as I do, but also partake in leisure for their own personal reasons. One important thing about leisure is that it connects all people, and these interactions are ultimately what society thrives on. Our main goal as recreation professionals is to facilitate the positive interactions between people. With the advancement of individuals follows the advancement of society as well. Whether leisure is a way to relax as it is for me, or if it is used as a way to step beyond one’s constraints to experience new things and new people, it is a necessity for everyone.

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