My Personal Philosophy Of Curriculum Development And Implementation Essay

My Personal Philosophy Of Curriculum Development And Implementation Essay

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As I reflect upon my personal philosophy in curriculum development and implementation, my prophecy is support the learning of every student and improve the student achievement by providing a positive school culture with an effective educational program where students experience academic success and teachers work collaboratively.
To create and learning environment, school leader, teachers, students, parents, school community will work together towards a common goal to reach the school’s vision and mission where all students will be provided with a rigorous education and high expectations for the learning and student achievement. “High expectations create accelerated curricular and instructional approaches that, in turn, increase student achievement and success” (Sorenson, Goldsmith, Méndez, and Maxwell, 2011). The learning environment that will take place in our school will be welcoming to students, parents, school community members and motivates teachers to make progress on their practices to improve student achievement and celebrate their successes.
Relevant Data will be used as a method to identify the individual needs of each student in learning and those students who are skillful in the area of math and reading and compile for effective implementation of instructional strategies. Grouping strategies will be used to construct upon the strengths of students and improve in the areas of weakness. The instructional leaders make a difference in the academic progress by, discussing with the school faculty what the data reveals and making instructional decisions, using data to focus attention on improving curriculum, instruction, creating common formative assessments, allocating resources and materials, providing feedback on instruc...

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...o works on the campus and I expect the students to respond to each adult member of the campus team with the same respect with which those adult team members treat the student and each other. For, “Bottom Line,” there can’t be an effective campus community without complete respect among all adult and student team members who come on this campus—including bus drivers/ parents/guardians/care givers…stepping foot on this campus requires RESPECT.

In our community, there is cultural diversity among the students, the faculty, and the total work force. Cultural diversity is all-inclusive of backgrounds—ethnicity, religion, economics, social, life experience. This cultural diversity is a “basic” ingredient in the challenge of differentiating both the learning needs of the students and the tiered intervention instruction process of the teacher.

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