My Personal Opinion On Health Essay

My Personal Opinion On Health Essay

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In my personal opinion the meaning of health is established by the individual. For some it might mean being completely disease free, but for others who are diagnosed with a chronic disease this might not be true. The fact that one might have a chronic condition does not necessarily automatically mean that the person can no longer possess the ability to be healthy. Health constitutes how the person is caring for themselves, regardless of their health history. It does not necessarily mean being disease free, but is determined by how involved the patient is in the healthcare decisions, in contrast to being passive as this can impact the state of wellbeing (Freidman, Bowden, & Jones, 2003, p.363), this involvement will impact how well controlled your disease is or may take part in remaining disease free. Health is established by the individual and perceived to be whatever it is the individual has established as a goal for themselves taking into consideration the “family’s value and belief system [as this] shape[s] its patterns of behavior toward the health problems that they face”(Freidman et al.,2003, p364).
Once again quality of life can be perceived differently by many. In my opinion quality of life is being able to be self-sufficient. As I believe that once that standard has been compromised, then we are no longer at an optimal level in our quality of life. More importantly I believe that cognition is of upmost importance as losing the sense of who you are and who your family is would classify to me as not having a good quality of life. This does not mean that I believe that others who have lost the capability to perform their daily tasks without assistance are unworthy of life, as we must respect the patient and the family’s va...

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...n front of them at the moment.
I was not impressed by the way I handled this situation as I let my beliefs of how a parent should provide the basic needs for their children no matter what get in the way. I would have to say that this experience has been eye opening, I have experienced firsthand how our assumptions can be detrimental to our nursing care if we let them form an opinion of the family without looking beyond what we see from the outside. I would have definitely changed the way I approached this by not letting myself form an opinion of the family before meeting them and being able to gather all the information and identify what barriers are in place that are preventing them from following through with their medical care, instead of pointing out their differences I should have embraced them to form a connection with the family (Doane & Varcoe 2006, p.8).

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